Dear Mr Shlosman,

"I've worn glasses since 3rd grade (I'm now 78) and purchased them in New Jersey, New York City, Philadelphia, London and Boston. Unfortunately, I'm "the leader of the pack" with high myopia, astigmatism, etc. My recently purchased pair of lenses from Mr. Shlosman at the Optical Shop is the very best pair I've ever had! The lenses are unbelievably thin; the coating is just right; they sit in the frames without overhang, etc., etc. Thank You!

E.J Hart, MD"

Just got my second pair of glasses from Felix. Cannot praise him enough for the unbelievable customer service as well as his skill. I don't even think they cost more than any other place. As a mater of fact I think they may even be a little bit cheaper. But what is more important is the high quality of the glasses and the service and the fitting. He even sent them to me next day so I didn't have to drive back into Boston to pick them up.

Thank you so much.

Ruth A.


Great service and great products. Felix is the best. Each customer gets

the individualized attention they deserve.

Sabina S.


Felix is great to work with, very knowledgeable, and has a fantastic eye--

his choice for frames is always, always, the right one.

Liza B.


I will be happy to add many more stars to my yelp review.Felix is just awesome.He is a real professional and old fashioned great person.It is difficult to find such a professional but I am happy I just found a great one.This was my first experience to go to a "not national chain" type of optical shop.I never had such a comfortable time shopping for a pair of glasses. 

I will recommend him to anybody without reservation.

Keep up doing great work, Felix !!!

Kiyoshi I.


Very helpful with fitting my first pair of permanent glasses, great selection

and quick turn around time. 

Also fast and helpful for contacts too.

Peter G.


Felix, the owner, is FANTASTIC! He takes as much time as you need, and gives honest feedback about the glasses you try on. He helped me find three fantastic pairs, and then spent plenty of time fitting them to my face. Not only that, he fixed what I thought would be an impossible repair on a pair of frames, and did it quickly. Highly recommended!

Juliet E.

Felix is really good at fitting glasses, and helping with frame selection. The best part is that they work closely with your opthamologist, and mine happens to be in the same building. The prescription didn't seem quite right, and so they redid it. Something about the frame I'd picked was also bugging me, so Felix let me change frames, too.

The shop is owned by opthamologists who just want to be sure that their patients are happy with their glasses and that they are as perfect as they can be.I would never go anywhere else after this very positive experience. 

Nancy H.


I had a great experience at the Optical Shop.  Not only do they have a great selection of designer glasses, but the optician,Felix,is very experienced and knowledgeable.  He did a great job helping me pick glasses that complemented my face, and fitted them perfectly.  I will definitely buy my next pair of glasses from the Optical Shop.


I had a wonderful experience here !

I will definitely buy my next pair of glasses from the Optical Shop.”
Not only that, he fixed what I thought would be an impossible repair on a pair of frames,

and did it quickly.”
I've never been completely satisfied with any shop's choice of frames or many opticians' level of care for the client. This shop is a jewel, and its optician, an artist.  I came to Felix's (Optical Shop at the Brook House) after seeing the unanimous 5-star reviews. I am happy to add my own 5-star and I'll never go to a Mall--or even Harvard Sq.--for glasses again.

Thank you, Felix, a gentleman proud of his craft and so kind to his clients!

​Lois A.

Two days ago, I broke a pair of cheap F21 sunglasses that I adore and I wanted to fix. Yesterday, I messaged and called a bunch of glasses repair shops via Yelp and phone. The Optical Shop called back nearly immediately and said I could come in at any point. I immediately noticed how thoughtful and flexible he was and he offered detailed directions for getting to the building (that were super helpful!).  I brought in my sunglasses and within two minutes, they were fixed perfectly! I tried to offer him money but he wouldn't take it. The gentleman working (I feel so bad I didn't get his name!) was so kind, professional, and helpful, and wonderful! I so appreciated his help. Not only that, but his customers were vocally appreciative of him (one called him "the glass whisperer"), which was so sweet and confirmed the good experience I had in this store.  While I don't need prescription glasses right now, I will definitely be back in then future! Overall amazing customer service and seems to know his stuff as well - thank you!

I spent a lot of time looking around for a new pair of glasses and in just 15 minutes with Felix I had two great choices to pick from! Once made, he had taken the time to make sure my glasses were adjusted properly - I've had them for half a year now & love them. Felix clearly stands behind his work, and I'd highly recommend him!

Rob W.

Felix is tremendous!  Always helpful and responsive.  I couldn't ask for a better person to look out for my optical welfare!  I'm adding another pair of prescription sunglasses to my collection and I have absolute faith in Felix.  He is committed to keeping his clients happy.

Russell F.

I just went to get my 2nd & 3rd pair of glasses from Felix at the Optical Shop. He is so astute about what will flatter your face as well as your personality!

He really is like a "glasses-whisperer"!

Mary H.