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As you know, it’s not always easy to choose your eyeglasses. A number of criteria come into play.

To help you, here are some brief suggestions for choosing your eyeglasses.


Be prepared and ask questions...

Before choosing your eyeglasses, you’ll have to have an eye exam. Write down your concerns and visual symptoms, such as headaches ,migraines, whether you see better near or far, whether or not your vision is blurred and at what time of the day, and whether you’re sensitive to the sun. All these visual symptoms should be taken into consideration when you meet with us.


Consult with us....


Do business with someone you’re confident with, and a recognized professional. At The Optical Shop , we build on customer loyalty. Returning to the same optician (and bringing your family along) has its advantages.We know your file and history and are here to listen to—and answer—all your eye health questions. Once your eye exam is complete at the optometrist , they will give you a prescription:

This is an important element in choosing your eyeglasses.


Choose your eyeglasses to be a reflection of you

Because, after all, they’ll be a part of you for at least a year, your eyeglasses must be adapted

to both your prescription and your needs.

A number of elements should be taken into account when choosing your glasses:

Your lifestyle:

Your requirements for work,

leisure and sport.

The frames:

The materials, shape, forms and the look.

The lenses:

The materials, the treatments and the tints, all adapted to the prescription.

Your budget:

Depending on your needs and means.

Your prescription:

The frame must be able to accommodate the prescription for lenses.

Ask questions and be curious, we are here to help you ....

Not sure what type of frame suits you best?

Hesitating between the different treatments for your lenses?

We are here to answer all your questions, offer reassurance and deliver quality

service that meets your needs.

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Felix Shlosman  R.D.O.

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